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These are reviews of the WB fantasy series ANGEL.

I have now completed reviews of all 110 episodes of the series.   Most reviews are divided into two parts - one dealing with theme, the other plot.  To help speed up the reviews of season 5 episodes I concentrated on theme only.  In time, I will include plot reviews in those episodes missing them.

Thematic overviews are now also complete for the all five seasons and for the series as a whole. 

My next project was the completion of character sketches for all the major protagonists of the series.  After a hiatus these are now all complete too with the addition of a character sketch for Angelus.  I have now also included a comparison between the BtVS and ANGEL finales.  

I am, of course, always happy to continue to receive feedback.  My reviews are simply matters of opinion and is just a past time that I enjoy doing.   So if you have a different opinion and want to share it please feel free.  The main contents page has my e-mail address. My reviews for next month will be about home maintenance services and I'm going to start with Kerrisdale Roofing and Drains and a roofing company, wherein I hired both for my home renovation. So it's just perfect timing to share with you guys what services or products I'm considering for my home. 

Finally I should add a warning to the effect that my reviews are not synopses of the episodes.  But they nevertheless contain major spoilers.  So, if there are any episodes reviewed here that you haven't seen - turn back or risk being  spoiled.

I have also added the first in an occasional series of reviews of Movies - The Dark Knight.



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